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Nigerian Fulfulde Translation Project

The Project

Translators will translate religious material from Hausa into Nigerian Fulfulde. 


Project Qualifications

- native speakers of Nigerian Fulfulde
- fluent in Hausa
- familiar with both the Nigerian Fulfulde and Hausa cultures
- able to translate religious content from Hausa to Nigerian Fulfulde

need a reliable internet connection. 


Translators need to be fluent in Nigerian Fulfulde. If you don't speak Nigerian Fulfulde, thank you for your interest, but this won't be the right project for you.    


Applications are open until December 3.  Project is short-term.  It has a fixed end-date of December 20, 2022. 

To see a sample of Nigerian Fulfulde for confirmation of language, click here.  

Compensation and Project Size 

Translators are paid by the word as counted in the source text. Payment is USD $.0125 (1.25 cents) per word. Professional translators typically can translate 300 words per minute. For this project, we’re assuming a speed of 250 words per minute. Based on that speed, translators should be able to earn USD $3.12 per hour. Payment will be made once weekly via Skrill (  Sign up for Skrill at are paid once per week, usually on Fridays or Saturdays.  Payments are made via PayPal.  

How do I Get Hired?  

It's easy.   Please fill in the below short application.  The application includes a translation from you of a sample sentence in Hausa.  Please translate this sentence into Fulfulde.

Project Application

Some Fulfulde words translate the same no matter what region of West Africa a translator comes from.  But for other words, where a translator comes from can make a big difference on how a word or phrase gets translated.  For that reason, it would help us to know a bit more about where you have lived.  

Are you fluent in reading and writing Nigerian Fulfulde?
What is your gender?

Translation test

The below sentence is in Hausa language.  Please translate it into Nigerian Fulfulde (not English).  

Da Yusufu ya farka daga barci, sai ya bi umarnin mala'ikan Ubangiji, ya ɗauki matarsa.

Tell us How to Reach You

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