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Advertisement Identification Project

The Project ( is a leading provider of training data services for artificial intelligence applications.  Our current project involves identifying whether a passage of text contains an advertisement from a company or not.    

Things to Know

We're looking for a few smart, articulate contractors interested in a short-term, computer-based side job. The project will complete within a few days.  You can work as much or as little during those days as you wish.  There is no on-going employment prospect beyond the project.

Project Description

The project involves reading excerpts from podcast transcripts and deciding if there's an advertisement present within the text.  An advertisement is a message from the host that’s not directly related to the topic of the podcast. It often contains a "call to action" (meaning, the podcast listener is prompted to do something like purchase a product or service, or visit a website) in the context of another business or a product.  


What You'll Do

You'll read the podcast excerpt.  If the content contains an advertisement, you'll click a button below the paragraph labeled "Ad".  If there is no advertisement within the content, you'll click the button "No Ad".  If you're unsure, you select "Unsure". It's that easy.


We've include an example of a paragraph in the response box at the bottom of this form. 

Pay Rate

We expect you'll be able to read each excerpt in about two to three minutes.  That translates into completing twenty to thirty excerpts per hour. Our pay rate is 8 cents USD per excerpt, so we'd expect the hourly pay rate to be between USD $1.60 and $2.40 per hour.  All work will be sent through QA, and you must be at a 90% accuracy rate or higher each day to remain in the project. Files under 90% accuracy are paid at half-rate, since they will need to be re-labeled by someone else. 

How We Pay

Payment is made at the completion of the project, which will be within a week of its launch date. We use Paypal for making payments.  

Project Beginning and End Dates

Hiring starts today, and we should be ready to get started by Wednesday December 7.  We expect all paragraphs to be processed within 3-4 days.  

How to Apply

We'd like to see how you do with the two test excerpts below.  Please read the two excerpt and mark each one appropriately,  Then just give us your contact information, and we'll be back in touch shortly.  Thank you! 

Tips for Reviewing Paragraphs:

1. If the subject matter seems informational or reads more like a product review, it's probably not an advertisement.

2. If the subject matter sounds like a "sales pitch", it's probably an advertisement.  

3. If the subject matter is trying to persuade the reader to buy something, it's probably an advertisement.  

4. If a sponsor is mentioned, it's probably an advertisement ("Today's sponsor is . . .") 

5. Advertisement content may mention a product or manufacturer and invite the listener to do something, like visit a website or make a phone call.  


​The following is NOT an Ad because it does NOT push the reader to do something, such as buy something or visit a website.  The subject matter isn't trying to persuade the reader to purchase a particular brand of battery.  In fact, there is no mention of purchasing anything. 


Example: so when it comes to double a batteries there's no shortage of marketing hype and i've had a lot of people ask me to test AA batteries so that's what we're gonna do today.  Now I don't know about you but i use AA batteries for a lot of different things including even the microphone on the camera that i'm using right now.  So I spend a lot of money on AA batteries and i really want to know if it's worth paying more for batteries or if i'm better off just buying a less expensive product.  For example you could buy five dollar general store batteries for the price of one Energizer battery so is Energizer that much better than the competition? Well i don't know if they are not but we're about to find out so let's get the testing underway.

The following example IS an Ad because the text is asking the reader to do something ("I highly recommend checking out Native").  It has the feel of someone trying to sell a product r service rather than just review or describe it. 


Example: I want to thank today's sponsor which is Native.  So today's video is being sponsored by Native and I am so excited to be working with them in this video.  So I've recently discovered Native and it has quickly become my new favorite deodorant to use. I love that they are 100 plastic free and their packaging is so cute.  I am absolutely obsessed with their scents as well these are the three that actually were sent to me the first one is lilac and white tea and this particular scent feels very very fresh and clean which I really really appreciate.  I think you're really really gonna love this one.  Native keeps you fresh all day long with their scents lasting for 72 hours.  Native also has a really really wide range of scents which I love including their new Cabin collection for fall.  The price is about 39 but if you use my code which is Roseland you can actually get all three for just 26 which is I think 33 percent off.  And also if you would like to use my code you can actually get 20 off of toothpaste and body wash as well so if you're in the market for some really really great deodorant that's also plastic free. I highly recommend checking out Native.  OK let's get back to our program on the Cozy Book Haul. 

Test Time! Now that we've seen two examples, let's have you take a short test for us.  Please take a look at the two samples below and give us your opinion on whether they are advertisements or not.  

Test Sample #1:
Does the podcast excerpt below contain an advertisement? 
If yes, select "Ad".  If no, select "No Ad". If unsure, select "Unsure".

Better Help is more affordable than traditional offline counseling, and financial aid is available. Of course, anything you share is confidential. So many people have been using Better Help lately that they're recruiting additional counselors in all 50 states. And we want you to start living a happier life today.  As a Nobody Told Me listener, you'll get 10% off your first month by visiting Join over one million people taking charge of their mental health. And again, that's BetterHelp, H E L P dot com slash Nobody. slash Nobody.  I rescued a puppy last Thursday, and I found it's been really helpful to just have her.

Test Sample #1

Test Sample #2:
Does the below podcast excerpt below contain an advertisement? 
If yes, select "Ad".  If no, select "No Ad". If unsure, select "Unsure".

The camera on the iPhone 12 pro is great, but when you have a larger lens, you're getting more light onto the sensor, which gives you at least the opportunity of having better images depending on what the device maker is doing with the software and that information. That being Apple in this case and Apple of course has a very good track record of doing all kinds of things with the information and the light and things like that. The photograph was very appealing to me. Again, that depth of field, the macro stuff is very appealing and yet I've done nothing with it. I was certainly intrigued by the video stuff where you could change the depth of field after the fact. I've done absolutely nothing with it. I think a lot of us buy these devices for the better camera and then don't really do much with them. I think that that's probably just kind of a fact of life. Well, my assumption is that the people who actually buy it for the better camera do stuff with it and the rest of us are like, oh cool, it's a better camera, right? But that's most of us. The reality is that the better camera and the stuff that Apple is doing allows people who aren't good photographers to take better photographs, which means that my Instagram feed is going to be better, right? It just is. 

Test Sample #2

Thanks for submitting! We'll be back in touch soon. 

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