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Text Correction Project - Spanish

The Project ( is a leading provider of training data services for artificial intelligence applications.  Our current project involves correcting Spanish language speech-to-text transcripts of call center recordings between agents and customers. Your job is to listen to the audio and correct the transcription as needed.  

Things to Know

Projects involve typing and text editing, so previous experience as a transcriptionist and/or editor is strongly preferred.  Projects usually run anywhere from 2 days to 12 days, and editors typically work two to six hours per day, depending on how much time you can give. This leads us to our first question: do you have any previous transcription or text correction experience?  If so, how many years?

Our audio player is controlled by keyboard keys rather than your mouse.  Our experience is that using a mouse to control the audio player makes editors much less productive. If you're not trained or willing to learn how to use your keyboard keys to control the audio player, this project probably isn't a good fit for you. Our audio player also can be operated by a foot pedal, if you have one.  This leads us to our second question: do you have experience controlling an audio player with either hot keys or a foot pedal?


Our pay rate is from USD $6.50 to $7.50 per hour.  Pay is determined by production (speed and accuracy).  Our last question: Is this an acceptable pay rate?

If you answered "yes" to the above three questions, you're probably a good candidate for our project, and we would love to hear from you.  If interested, please fill in the "Tell Me More" box below so that we can start the application process with you.  Thank you!

Thank you! Someone will contact you shortly.

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