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Analytics & Reporting
Increase productivity and profitability through
greater visibility and control of process variables
Manage Workflow
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ReportBuilder Makes
Hidden Data Visible.

WebChartMD's ReportBuilder is an amazingly easy

to use yet robust tool that empowers transcription organizations to dig deeply into their process data.

ReportBuilder exposes over 100 different process

variables within a simple drag-and-drop tool that

lets users create powerful custom reports in minutes.  

Process variables captured within ReportBuilder

include productivity metrics for transcriptionists and

editors; production and financial reporting; costs and

gross margins;  and much more.   

Preformatted Reports
Provide Core Metrics. 

WebChartMD's reports module includes 15 preformatted reports that provide data on core productivity and financial metrics.  Here are a few samples (click each hyperlink): 

Daily Bill Lines Report

Daily Pay Amount Report

Gross Margin By Account

Gross Margin By Dictator

Gross Margin By Report Type

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Billing Invoice.png
Create And Distribute Customized Invoices.

Create reports in WebChartMD's ReportBuilder that auto-populate into invoice templates of your design. 

Automate invoice generation, and schedule invoices for

auto-distribution to clients and transcription team members.  

For HIPAA security, any protected health information (PHI) 

is removed from invoices set to auto-distribute via email. 

Effortlessly Automate
& Distribute Reports. 

ReportBuilder automatically creates and distributes reports to recipients via email on a schedule set by the user. 

Auto-distribution can be used with any user-created  report, invoice, or preformatted system report.  

For HIPAA security, any protected health information (PHI) is removed from reports set to auto-distribute via email. 

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