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Manage Workflow
Manage Workflow
Increased productivity and profitability
through greater process visibility & control
WFM Screen.png
Amazing Visibility
Into Your Workflow.

WebChartMD's Workflow Manager screen provides

real-time visibility into every file in - in every stage -

of the workflow. 

Visibility into over 40 different process data points

enables managers to make more informed decisions

about issues affecting productivity and profitability.   

The Workflow Manager is also a workforce manager,

providing process data that help management set

staffing levels needed to meet turn-around times. 

Powerful, Flexible 
Bill & Pay Settings.

Create bill and pay settings from the broadest to the most granular level. 

Set bill and pay rates based on line, word, character, minute,  second, page and document.  Set count method definition based on various forms of gross, net, ASCII, and VBC (visual black character).  

Bill and pay rates and definitions can vary based on one or any combination of Office, Dictator, Report Type, Status, TAT, and Transcriptionist/Editor. 

Pay Line Settings_edited.png
Workflow Rules.png
Maximize Profits
And Productivity. 

Quantify which accounts, dictators, report types and turn-around times each team member types and edits with the highest productivity and profitability.  

Create workflows that automate and resolve hard-to-manage, persistent problems. 

Gain more control over parts of the workflow that cause lost margin and productivity.  

Create and Manage Templates Online.

Create, update and distribute templates via an online, global template manager. 

Microsoft Word-based template creation takes minutes with minimal training.  

Templates can be shared facility-wide and/or set up with individual templates for each provider. 

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