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Transcribe & QA
Transcribe & QA
Software For Transcription Professionals That Maximizes Productivity and Efficiency. 
Beautifully Simple
Document Creation.

WebChartMD's use of Microsoft Word as its text editor reduces user training time from hours to minutes. 

Microsoft Word-based productivity tools, such as text expanders and specialized dictionaries, are completely compatible with WebChartMD.  

Patient identifiers and other metadata automatically populate within templates to accelerate workflow and ensure accuracy of key identifiers.

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Incredibly Powerful 
Production Control.

Create customized transcription and QA workflows that best utilize your team's strengths and best meet your client's needs. 


Portal-based QA editing in Microsoft Word tracks and retains 

all document iterations for easy review of corrections.  

Multi-tiered QA routing helps manage outside production vendors and workflows requiring more oversight.  

Robust QA File

​Create automated QA routing rules on virtually any workflow scenario, and manually route individual or groups of files between QA resources as needed. 

On-screen messaging shows which files are in process

by transcriptionists and QA editors. 

All prior document iterations display to show managers

changes made to documents during the QA workflow. 

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