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Streamlined Document Management for ASCs.
Leaders in cloud-based software used in the dictation,  transcription and distribution of surgical reports. 
Manage Workflow
Document Management
Just Got Alot Easier. 

Track Document Progress.  See at a glance when documents

have been reviewed and e-signed by surgeons and their staff.   

Easy Third-Party Access.  Grant online document access to any number of stakeholders, including surgeons, billing and coding vendors, referring physicians and others.    

Rapid Preview Access.  "Preview" enables documents to be quickly reviewed without opening prior to printing or distribution. 

Easier Document Management
Surgical Notes.

Auto-Fax / Auto-Print. WebChartMD auto-faxes and/or auto-prints single or multiple reports to as many different recipients as required. 

Direct Portal Access.  Enable surgeons and cc'd recipients

to access their documents online, and set "read only" or other access restrictions.  

File Export / EHR Interfacing.  WebChartMD's interfaces into virtually any EHR.  Or, automatically export files to any secure location. 

Fax Log.png
Surgeon Efficiency
Autofax Settings.png
Improve Your Surgeon's Workflow Efficiency. 

Controlled Document Access.  ASCs can enable surgeons

to review and e-sign documents while controlling access permissions that ensure workflow control.    

Workflow Automation.  WebChartMD monitors surgeons'

access to documents to automatically trigger next steps in

the workflow, like auto-faxing/printing, and EHR interfacing.   

Counter E-signing.  WebChartMD's multiple-tiered e-signing system allows resident and attending physicians to review and

e-sign documents online. 

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