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Clear & Reliable   Audio Recording 
Over 40 million minutes of recorded audio for
more than 40,000 dictation authors since 2006. 
Record Dictation
Mobile Dictation Made Easy. 

WebChartMD's easy-to-use mobile app lets users  create high fidelity, ultra-secure dictations right from their mobile device. 

Care providers dictate from a pre-populated patient schedule on screen, or by creating new dictations with or without patient demographics. 

Completed reports appear in the provider's on-screen Inbox for review, edit and e-signature and archiving. 

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Robust & Reliable
Call-In Dictation.

WebChartMD's call-in dictation system has primary

and back-up redundancy at the carrier and hardware

levels to ensure users have a working dictation line. 

All phone dictations are recorded on high-performance

solid state drives (SSDs) for higher recording consistency. 

WebChartMD's configurable phone system mimics

virtually any keypad and workflow configuration -

including enabling users to keep their legacy IDs.  

Use Any Hand-Held Recording Device. 

WebChartMD supports virtually any model of consumer and professional class hand-held digital recorders, including virtually all SpeechMike models. 

Digital recorder files are automatically uploaded using 128-bit encryption for HIPAA compliance and security. 

Files can be uploaded via the recorder's USB connection, or by a drag-and-drop of audio files from the computer directly into the user's WebChartMD account. 

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