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Technology Built for the
Demands of Healthcare.
Industry-leading up-times.  Stringent security.  Multi-level redundancies.  Meticulous auditing.  Powerful Interfacing.   
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Audit Trails.  All document accesses are captured on

two different audit trails, and include every document

iteration, every edit made, by whom, and when; and all

document accesses, access type, by whom, and when. 

Data Encryption.  All data is stored at 256 bit encryption,

and all passwords are stored in an encrypted format.    

Up-to-Date Compliance. WebChartMD's compliance documentation includes current attestations for SOC1

Type 2, SOC2 Type 2, HIPAA PCI-DSS Assessment, and

the ONC/HHS Security Risk Assessment Tool.


Reliable Uptimes.  Independent third-party auditor

UpTimeSafe reports WebChartMD uptimes of 99.9+% for the last four years.   

Fewer Maintenance Windows.  WebChartMD had 

less than five scheduled maintenance windows in

each of the last two years and none unscheduled.  

Real-time System Monitoring.  Continuous monitoring from over 80 different system health alerts enable proactive troubleshooting. 


Infrastructure Redundancy.  100% virtualized system

runs in a VMWare HA environment with automatic failover to other VM hosts in the cluster in the event of

a hardware failure.  

Geographic Redundancy. A failover instance of our entire infrastructure and database runs in an out-of-state data center for geographical redundancy.

Database Redundancy.  Primary database transaction

logs are sent every 30 minutes to the fail-over database, with a full backup performed once weekly.

Telephony Redundancy.  End-to-end dictation system redundancy, including primary and redundant phone vendors and primary and secondary phone servers.​​

Over a Decade of EHR
Interface Experience.

WebChartMD has developed and implemented interfaces

into almost 50 different EHR systems for transcription organizations and healthcare facilities since 2008.   

A partial list of systems into which WebChartMD has

developed interfaces includes 3M. Acumen, Allscripts,

Amkai, CPSI, Centricity,  Cerner, Cyramedx, eClinicalWorks,

Epic, Greenway, MEDITECH, MediSYS, and NextGen. 

Strip 7-1 and 9-4 - EHR Interfaces (rev0
Strip 7-2 Experts at.png
Experts in Various  Interface Types.

HL-7.  WebChartMD routinely develops implements inbound

and outbound HL-7 interfaces with VPN connections.

File Monitor UtilityUsed by many EHRs, this interface type

securely exports documents to a network folder for EHR import.


Secure FTP export.  This interface securely exports documents

to a network folder for manual import into the EHR.

A Cost-Effective
Interface Engine.

Newly Designed.  WebChartMD's newly redesigned proprietary interface engine enables us to create and test interfaces without the use of third-party interface software.  

Faster-cheaper.  Faster coding and testing cycles, resulting in less costly  implementations. 

More responsive. WebChartMD's new modular engine design means changes to the interface can be made easier and more quickly than with traditional interface engines. 

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