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Transcription Companies
Depend on WebChartMD
Improved business intelligence.  Better workflow and workforce management.  Usage-based pricing.
Manage Workflow
Software Designed For Every 
Member of the Transcription Team. 
Company Owners

Owners improve ROI through lower costs and business intelligence tools. 


Managers control the workflow and workforce more efficiently. 


Editors like WebChartMD's fast and efficient QA tools and QA pooling features.  

Transcriptionists love the ease of use and compatibility with Microsoft Word productivity tools. 

Production Vendors

Easily integrate outside production resources into the workflow. 

Business Intelligence.png
Company Owners

Better Business Intelligence.  WebChartMD helps

business owners answer core business questions,

like "which transcriptionists generate the most profit?" 

and, "do we lose money on certain accounts, or doctors,

or work types - and if so, why?" 

Cost Savings. WebChartMD costs as much as 50% less

than the leading competitive platform. 

Consumption-Based Pricing.  Pay as you go, with no

startup fees, contract periods or cancellation penalties. 

Company Owners

Create and Manage Your Accounts.  No waiting on a help

desk  for account management tasks. WebChartMD gives

you the tools to create accounts, add users, assign phone

IDs, and much more. 

Incredible Workflow Control. Create standardized or highly customized workflows for each account, dictator, report type,

TAT, and transcription resource.   

Better Workforce Management.  Manage one to hundreds of transcriptionists and editors.  Integrate vendor transcriptionists

and in-house team members into one seamless workflow.     

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Easy to Use.  WebChartMD's Microsoft Word integration

means transcriptionists work in an application in which

they already have deep experience and fluency. 

Increased Productivity.  Productivity tools like medical

dictionaries, stored macros and word expanders work

perfectly in WebChartMD. 

Real-time line counts.  The transcription toolbar gives

real-time data on lines transcribed today, this week,

this pay-period, and month. 

QA Editors

Efficient On-Screen Editing.  QA single or multiple

documents in Microsoft Word with a double-click. 

Access all QA files for all  workflows from one screen. 

Rapid Preview Access.  "Preview" provides almost instant

document access and eliminates opening  documents

when a quick double-check is needed.

Robust QA Pay Settings. WebChartMD's software  allows

QA Editor pay rates to be set uniquely by account, dictator,

work type and TAT.

QA File.png
Outside Production Team Management.png
Production Vendors

Easy Integration to Client's Team.  WebChartMD

seamlessly integrates in-house staff with any number of outside production vendors. 

A Workflow Within a Workflow.  Production center managers control their workflow, manage their staff settings and file routing, and create multi-tiered QA.

Powerful Business Intelligence. Production centers utilize all the same business intelligence tools to assist them with data and reporting related to their production center staff. 

Production Vendors
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