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Review Documents
Intuitive document review, e-signing and distribution. Robust audit trails and version controls for document integrity and security.  
Review Documents
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Simple, Uncluttered
Document Review. 

WebChartMD puts all tasks needed for reviewing and

managing documents in one uncluttered screen.  

Open single or multiple documents in Microsoft Word

with a mouse-click. On-screen icons show when documents  

have been opened, printed, faxed, e-signed and interfaced. 

Other document processing features include print, search,

fax, archive, reject, send to EHR (interface), and much more.  

Intuitive & Robust
E-Sign Workflow. 

Microsoft Word gives healthcare providers a familiar tool 

for online document review, editing and e-signing. 

WebChartMD's cloud-based architecture means providers

can review and e-sign from any secure location with internet. 

The system's robust design includes counter e-signing

by attending and resident physicians, and auto-distribution

(fax, print and interfacing) following e-signing.  

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Highly Refined
Access Controls.

WebChartMD's cloud-based architecture protects

the integrity of the authoritative copy of the document while also allowing broad-based document access.

Every document carries two audit trails: "Document History" shows all document versions, edits, editor, and date/time stamp of edits; "Document Access" shows every users' identity, action, and date/time. 

Version control features include on-screen alerts 

when documents are already in use. 

Scalable and Versatile
Document Distribution.

In-portal access.  Many healthcare facilities choose to use WebChartMD to distribute reports to their participating surgeons.   

Auto-faxing.  WebChartMD averages over 200,000 pages faxed each month for clients, with a  99.997 % success rate for outgoing faxes (5 failures/100,000). 

HL-7 and secure FTP (file monitor) Interfaces.   WebChartMD develops and implements HL-7 and non HL-7 (file monitor utility interfaces), and also encrypted file exports. 

File Download Feature.  The Download feature  allows clients to create their own auto-downloads that run on their schedule with their own specified file-naming convention.  

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