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Behavioral Health Note Creation

The Project ( is a leading provider of training data services used in generative AI healthcare applications. Our current project is focused on creating behavioral health notes from conversational audio. 

**Please note**: 

The specifications for this project require you are actively working as a behavioral health practitioner, seeing patients and documenting the patient interactions in GIRPP notes. Applicants must speak US-English (i.e. native-born in the US) as a first language. Please do not apply unless you meet these requirements. 

Projects are done in batches as needed by the client.  They run in duration from a few days to a few weeks.  There is no set schedule.    

Project Description


The goal of the project is to train an AI application to automatically identify medically relevant content from a therapist-patient conversation. To do that, therapists will listen to de-identified therapy sessions and summarize the session's content using the GIRP format.  These manually created notes becomes the training data for the AI application.  

Abstract Summary


The task involves listening to an audio recording of the therapy session and composing a GIRP note (we added "Plan" to the template, so the template sections are Goals, Intervention, Response, Progress, Plan).

Payment Structure

On average, editors should process 10.71 audio minutes per hour.  We pay $2.75 per recorded audio minute, with an average hourly rate of $29.45 ($2.75/audio minute X 10.71/minutes).  Payments are made via PayPal, and are made every 2-3 weeks.


Work Hours

The project is web-based with no limitations on when or where work can be performed. Expectation is for editors to work at least an hour daily, with no limitations on maximum daily hours.

Project Duration

Important: this is a side hustle opportunity of fixed duration with no guarantee of on-going employment following the completion of the project.  

What We Do

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