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Medical Utterance Project

The Project ( is a leading provider of training data services for artificial intelligence applications.  We currently are looking for US-based medical students to assist in voicing short statements that contain medication class terminology and disease state terminology.     

**Please note**: 

The specifications for this project require 1) current or previous medical school education with exposure to disease state names and medication / drug class names; 2) Native-born US-English as a first language. Please do not apply unless you meet these requirements. 


Project duration is unknown.  Our experience is that projects run for weeks and sometimes months, but we have no guarantee of project duration from the client.  

Project Description

You will call into a dictation system via a toll-free number.  You will be given a list of statements to record via your mobile phone's speakerphone (to emulate a physician in the exam room being recorded via a remote device).  Statements are 3-10 seconds in length, and 50 statements take on average from 20 minutes to one hour to record.        


Candidates need to meet the following qualifications:
1. Current or previous medical school education with exposure to disease state names and medication / drug class names.
2. Native-born US-English as a first language.

How You'll Process the Work

This is an internet-based, work-from-home project.  You will call into our dictation system to record your statements.  A mobile phone with a speakerphone is required.  

Pay Rate

We pay $30 per 50 statements recorded.  Payment is made weekly via Paypal,  

Work Hours

Work when you want, day or night.  There is a 50-statement limit for the first batch of files to be recorded.  

Project Duration

Important: this is a side hustle opportunity of fixed duration with no guarantee of on-going employment following the completion of the project.  

What We Do

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