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Synthetic Office Visit Conversations

The Company ( is a leading provider of training data services for artificial intelligence applications. 


Project Description Summary

The project consists of recording brief (10 minute) fictitious exam room visits between a practicing clinician (you) and a friend or family member of yours that acts out the role of the patient.  The recordings are audio (not video) and are recorded using our recording app, which can be accessed via a mobile device or computer.  

We provide a set of “talking points” for the patient’s condition and background.  Your job as the clinician is to evaluate the patient just like you would in an actual clinical setting.  Based on your evaluation, you then articulate an assessment and plan.  


1. You must be a US-based practicing clinician seeing patients and documenting the patient visit.  Specialties excluded from the project are dentistry, ophthalmology, behavioral health, chiropractic medicine, and nutritional/holistic medicine.  


2. You must be a native speaker of US-English.  

3. Clinician and patient must be in the same room while recording.  No recordings via Zoom or other remote devices are accepted.  


Project Details

  • You and your patient record about 10 to 12 exam room visits.  At about 10 minutes per visit, that’s about two hours of total recording time.  

  • We expect it will take a few minutes prior to each recording for the patient to read through and familiarize themselves with the case history, so we estimate total project time will be three to four hours. 

  • The same patient can be used for all 12 visits.

  • Your job as the clinician is to evaluate the patient just like you would in an actual clinical setting and then based on your evaluation, articulate an assessment and plan.   

  • You recruit a family member, friend, or colleague to be your patient. 

  • We’ll provide the exam discussion points, so nothing to prepare.   

How You'll Process the Work

This is an internet-based, work-from-home project.  You will use your mobile phone's browser to log into our application and record your audio files.  

Pay Rate

The pay rate is disclosed to qualified applicants.   

Work Hours

Work when you want, day or night.  Voicers may be required to attend check-in meetings via Zoom.

Project Duration

Important:  This is a side hustle opportunity of fixed duration with no guarantee of ongoing employment after the two hours are recorded.  However, we anticipate other projects in 2024 and make those available to our established contractors first before soliciting for new contractors.  This is a side hustle opportunity of fixed duration with no guarantee of ongoing employment following the completion of the project.  


How to Apply

Please complete the form below and upload your resume with the link provided.

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